Tracfone Domination

TracFone, also known as TracFone Wireless, is a mobile phone provider. It is subsidiary of America Movil, the biggest Latin American mobile network operator that offers prepaid wireless service in the United States, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

At the moment, it is the sixth biggest mobile network operator and the largest mobile virtual network operator in the U.S. By way of nearly 9 million customers, it has dominated the entire U.S. cellular market. In earlier times, it was known as Topp Telecom Inc. and was set-up in mid nineties. It was set-up in Miami Florida and went on to become the prepaid leader of the United States.

Topp got a grand infusion of capital from Telefonos de Mexico or Telmex NYSE in February 1999. TMX, being the biggest Mexican telephone company and supplier of telephone services throughout Latin America, gave away approximately $58 million for a 55 percent controlling interest in the company. After taking the huge stake, Telmex created America Movil, which got a freedom to develop its own business as an independent entity. Subsequently, it shaped a subsidiary of the New Mexican mobile company and in November 2000, Topp Telecom Inc. saw an alteration to its name which became TracFone Wireless Inc.

Tracfone makes available two brands of services, Tracfone and Net10 and the key distinction is the logo and the prepaid minute rates and service options. At present, NET10 merely provides GSM service but plans to add CDMA service. It service lets a customer to buy airtime units which would be used on elected phones by Nokia, LG, and Motorola. It also sells digital cell phone models, even though analog phones could also be obtained. The service works in a GSM, TDMA, or CDMA network, depending on the region. It does not put up its own wireless network, however resells wireless service. It performs the activity of reselling services with the help of more than 30 providers, and works as a mobile virtual network operator. In the United States, it fulfills its activities through the AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile networks. Alltel and US Cellular come among others. For the duration of this year, it has been improving the Analog and TDMA expertise in order to only provide digital CDMA and GSM technology across the United States. Apart from the technological up-gradation, it has also been taking care of almost all the customers' cell phones since November 2006.